ZRXRY Hammock Wooden Stand

Can swing alone or in pairs-suitable for hammocks with enough space for one or two people, with or without hangers, or for hanging hammocks / recliners. Without hammock! Waterproof and stable treatment with bio-wood oil to protect the beam from bad weather. Therefore, whether it is summer or winter, you can lie down in the shade or in the sun and gently swing yourself around.


  • The support is made of wood to support the hammock-a sturdy structure with a minimalist design everywhere will provide style to the interior and exterior of the house.
  • Environmental protection material: It can directly contact the skin, no odor, 0 formaldehyde does not fade, healthy and comfortable.
  • Great for outdoor activities: great for camping, hiking, traveling and picnicking, or just hanging in your garden to add some relaxing atmosphere!

Brand: ZRXRY