Cacoon Hammocks

Wooden Tripod for Cacoon Hammocks: Cacoon World

This trendy &  stylish wooden tripod is designed specifically to hold your Cacoon Hanging Chair

**Shipping for the Wooden Tripod Hammock Stand is currently only in Europe**

When there aren't any trees to hang your Cacoon Hammock, there is no need to worry. 

The Cacoon tripod timber is pressure treated and will last for 10+ years!

To ensure maximum life capacity 25+ years, we recommend the Cacoon tripod be washed down and coated with Danish oil or any other outdoor wood treatment 1x a year and stored over winter. 

The best part is the wooden tripod hammock stand is compatible with the Bonsai Hammocks, Cacoon Single & Cacoon Double Hammocks

Cacoon Tripod Details: 

  • Material: Timber wood
  • Quality Label: 100% FSC, PEFC, TUV, ISO and GL-24 certificate
  • Loading capacity: Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
  • Hanging space required: floorspace minimum space of 2.55 meters
  • Hanging space required:headroom Minimum space of 2.55 meters
  • Weight of product 40 Kg
  • Individual carton packaging 170 (l) * 45 (w) * 19 (h) cm / 42 Kg
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