DD Hammocks

Ultralight Hammock Stand

Brand: DD Hammocks


  • 46oz
  • Hand-made at DD Hammocks in the UK

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The lightest hammock stand in the world! No trees? No problem! Now you can use your hammock wherever you are - no need to rely on forests or hunt for suitable posts. Think beaches, clearings, hill-tops, festivals, gardens... The world is your hangout! DD Hammocks have been working with the designer of the 'Handy Hammock' (the former name for the stand) and are thrilled to have taken on production of this exciting and very cool hammock stand in-house.


Thanks to extensive research, testing and craftsmanship as well as the use of quality materials, this hammock stand is remarkably lightweight without any compromise on stability.


It will stand freely simply by being anchored to the ground. Weighs in at just 1.3kg (46oz) The Ultralight Hammock Stand is supplied in one small carry bag and is made up of 2 collapsible struts, 6 plates, 12 pegs and cords. Minimal as it looks, it will hold you - it's all to do with physics! Set up correctly using the supplied instructions, this is a sturdy anchor system for a comfy hammock that will support up to 100kg.


Note: Hammock not included - guy line cord colour can vary. The Ultralight Hammock stand is ready to use with any standard-sized (2.7m long) DD Hammock. To use with a longer hammock, the central spacer cord can be adjusted.


Shipping to USA included in the price! Please see full Terms & Conditions at DD Hammocks' website.


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