Ultralight Hammock Rain Fly and Shelter by Serac

Weatherproof & Durable. Stay dry and camp on even in the biggest storms. The waterproof nylon keeps the rain and snow off your head. Perfect for completing a hammock shelter, or used as a standalone ultralight camping shelter. 100% Coverage. The efficient design means your rainfly has a tighter pitch – keeping you warm and dry. With 6 anchor points, you’ll get more cover than a diamond or rectangular tarp, plus save weight!


  • Works with any hammock. Measuring 12ft x 6ft 5in and weighing just 25oz, your tarp is portable & lightweight AND can fit any hammock size. You’ll have plenty of headspace, while making sure that you and your gear stays protected in the rain and snow.
  • All-in-One Easy Setup. Set everything up without tying a single knot. Get the perfect tension with your quick adjustment line-locs fasteners so you’ll always have the perfect shelter every time.
  • What’s included: tarp, guylines, 4 stakes, 2 easy-clip carabiners, stuff sack, industry leading 30 day gear trial! If you don’t love our gear, get a FULL refund. We’ll even cover shipping!

Don’t just take our word for it. Heck, don’t even listen to the Amazon reviews (we’ve all heard stories of the fake review scandals). Industry experts like GearJunkie have taken Serac hammock gear out for a spin and everyone is raving about our equipment. Just Google “Serac Hammock reviews” and see for yourself.

So what if the forecast calls for thunderstorms all weekend? Rig up your Serac Overhang and don’t let a little rain keep you down! With an ultra spacious canopy and easy to adjust guy lines you’ll be hammocking dry and comfortable no matter what mother nature throws at you.

We sure do! The Serac team is made up of Wilson and Jeff, two longtime friends that
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Not convinced? Then try our gear for 30 days. Our industry leading trial offer lets you test
out any of our gear for a month. If you decide you don’t like it for whatever reason, we’re
happy to take it back, fully refund you AND pay your shipping costs!

Unfolded Dimensions: 12ft x 6ft 5in
Material: Waterproof Nylon
Weight: 25oz

Brand: Serac

Color: Blue/Black

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