U/N Heavy-Duty Camping Hammock with Wide Lay Flat and Mesh Net


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Brand: U/N

Color: Blue


  • ► Soft and Sturdy: The base of this hammock is crafted of parachute grade nylon cloth, soft to your skin, breathable and pretty sturdy. Combining with 2 double-ringed nylon tree straps, it can totally withstand the weight up to 440 lbs, making you feel like sleeping in the candy floss clouds.
  • ► Sleep Well with It: Don’t let the annoying buzz bother you when you are relaxing. With the protection of our fine mesh netting, you can sleep soundly all night long in the outdoors. Also, the built-in arch netting support provides you more room.
  • ► Well-designed Hammock: What makes our hammock premium? Details! Thanks to the full-length side zipper, you can entry and exit with ease. An inside pocket is for you to keep your little items safe in an accessible place. And an attached external bag is for easy storing and carrying. Triple stitching seam design makes it durable so it can hold up for years to come.
  • ► Safe and Cozy: Just like a mother’s embrace, our hammock completely surrounds you and protects you, making you feel safety and cozy. It is wide enough for two adult to lie in comfortably. It is fairly little possibility of getting tipped out of the hammock if you hang it properly.
  • ► Set Up and Pack Easily: This hammock is super easy to set up with included and adjustable tree straps and carabiners. Simply wrap the straps around two thick and healthy trees in opposing and clip the carabiners in the loop ends and it was done! It can be putted into the attached bag and weights only 2 lbs, which hardly takes up any space in your pack and will not add much weight.

Details: Everybody takes pleasure in outdoor camping. Imagine that you are in a forest; the breeze is blowing and you are lying in a hammock under the stars and moon. Well, it could be better if there is no annoying thing. Our portable hammock is the one you’ve been searching for to make your sleep soundly and safety in the outdoors.
This hammock can be use in 3 ways: a hanging hammock with net; a hanging hammock without net (turn it 180 degrees upside down, net in the bottom); an easy convenient tent on the ground.

Parachute grade nylon cloth base is soft, breathable and sturdy.
It can totally withstand the weight up to 440 lbs.
Side zippers for easy entry and exit.
The attached external bag is for easy storing and carrying.
Triple stitching seam design makes it durable.
Safe and cozy hammock protects you and makes feel like sleeping in the clouds.
Light weight, weights only 2 lbs and packs to 11″ x 14″ x 4″ into the attached bag.
Easy to set up and space-saving.
Adjustable tree straps and steel carabiners are included.
Ideal for indoor & outdoor camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, and more.


Package Includes:
☑ 1x Hammock with Mesh Net for 2 Person
☑ 2x Double-ringed Nylon Tree Straps (6.6ft)
☑ 2x Steel Carabiners
☑ 1x Carrying Bag
Package Dimensions: 11″ x 14″ x 4″
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Straps: 6.6 ft
Color: Blue/ Green

EAN: 0033985944441

Package Dimensions: 11.8 x 10.2 x 3.5 inches

Weight 1.61 kg

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