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Sans Swing constructed as hanging tent with trampoline bottom.
150 x 150 x 260 cm, Carrying strap included.

New improved version.

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Treepee sense of swing is like a playhouse that float.
Welcome to Treepee’ens fantastic world.

It is a tent, a bouncy castle, a trampoline and a sense of swing.

Giving all children a better motor function.
– Babies can lie and get a quiet Swinging the mother or father.
– The small swing while they sit and enjoy the view.
– The larger can romp and use trampoline bottom to get touched muscles.
– Kids will love to have friends home in their new floating cozy cave.

Suitable for children 0-10 years. Children from 0 – 3 years but only with supervision.

Can be used for accommodation. (if not it just too dark!)

Can be used as a trampoline and sense of swing.

Delivered with mounting strap, and can be hung indoors and outdoors.

Bottom 150 cm x 150 cm.

Height 260 cm.

Maximum load 150 kg.

Ventilation openings with mosquito nets.

The fabric is fire-resistant, water-repellent and UV protection (factor 50)

pockets inside the tent.

Mosquito nets at the ventilation holes that can be kept open with sewn rods.

Straps at the bottom of Treepee’en allows to moor Treepee’en so it hangs quiet, f. Ex. If you have to sleep,
or if small children play in the floating playhouse.

News with several improvements.

– Additional seal top, ensures better against rain.

– Opening windows in fabric for longer life.

– New reinforced bottom, making Treepee’en easier to carry and store, as well as a longer lifetime.

– Erection of two adults about 60 minutes. (4 brackets, 16 screws and nuts)
Requires “little upper arm when the elastic springs to put on.
Treepeen hung up in a suitable timber.

Can branch wearing an adult who hangs and swings in the branch, it will also be able to wear a pair of children.
Treepee approved up to payload of 150 kg.

Recommended height above the ground is 50 cm.

Should be taken in with a view to continuous rain. Dries quickly because it does not have ground contact.
The risk of bottom mildew is minimal.

It is easy to mow the Treepeen, there are no pegs that go into the mower.


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