The Ultimate Dog Car Seat Cover/Pet Hammock Soft Washable Dark Brown Fleece Dog Bed – 2 Piece Set – 58" X 54" Wide + Seat Flaps Fits Most Vehicles


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Brand: Dog Gone Dog

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  • SOFT FLEECE MAT – Does your dog sit on blankets, pillows or even your laundry? Dogs love soft. Pamper them with our soft fleece detachable mat. Its texture allows your dog to walk around without slipping, sliding or tripping We are dog lovers who designed this seat cover with your dog in mind. Dont spend the next year thinking I should have bought the one with the mat.
  • EASIEST TO CLEAN – Keep the slush, snow and mud off your seats. Simply detach the mat and throw it in the washer to clean it. Most seat covers keep your seats clean but are harder to clean than the seats. Since most are made of canvas and plastic or rubber, they shouldn’t be placed in a washer/dryer. Waterproofing doesn’t trap dog hair, dander or dirt so your car still gets dirty. Our mat also absorbs melted snow, ice and water and traps hair and dander like a magnet
  • SAFER FOR YOUR DOG – Our dog hates leather and vinyl seats because she slips and slides and can’t relax. Our mat gives your dog traction so he can walk or move around. Hook it to the front seat head rests to form a hammock to keep your dog from falling on the floor. Or let it fall to the floor when you share the back seat with a passenger. Includes 2 seat belt leashes to keep your dog in the back seat or from jumping out of the window
  • 5- PIECE SET WITH PREMIUM FEATURES – The seat cover has leather reinforced straps, a full non slip back with over-sized seat anchors to hold it in place. Velcro-sealed seat belt access for back seat passengers or dog seat belt leashes, heavy-duty construction, storage pocket, nylon storage bag are standard. WE ELIMINATED THE MAIN SEAM that occasionally failed in our first model. Set includes 1 Seat Cover, 1 Fleece Mat, 2 Seat Belt Leashes. 1 storage bag
  • FITS MOST VEHICLES -The woven attachment straps are adjustable so our standard seat cover fits the widest number of vehicles. Quick release snaps mean you can install or remove the seat cover in less than 2 minutes. Our seat cover protects your seats and your dog while keeping your vehicle clean and smelling great. You take your dog with you out of love. Buy our seat cover. They will love it and you for buying it for them.

Publisher: Dog Gone Dog Products

Details: All seat covers isolate your seats from your dogs claws but that’s where the similarities end. Our seat cover adds a removable soft fleece mat which provides additional safety and comfort for your dog while allowing you to easily clean, sanitize and deodorize your car. It attracts dirt, dog hair and dander like a magnet that can be tossed in a machine washer and dryer to clean.

You can’t machine wash most seat covers because it tears and melts the plastic parts, non-slip backs and water-proofing. Some people replace their seat covers annually after they start to smell and get dirty. With ours just wash the fleece mat in your washer dryer and its as good as new.

Dogs walk around while driving. We use over-sized seat anchors, non-slip backing and adjustable straps to keep the seat cover in-place making a more pleasurable safer ride for your pup.

Our seat cover can hook to the front seat headrests to create a dog hammock to keep the dog from falling on the floor during fast stops. It’s made of heavy-duty oxford cloth, a canvas-like material that is so strong you wont need to replace it every year like others. Its cross-stitched for a custom look. Side flaps protect your seats from getting scratched when the dog enters or leaves the vehicle. We eliminated a seam that sometimes failed on our first model and have NO seam complaints since. We added a storage compartment to organize toys, bowls and food. We include a non-tear nylon bag for easy and neat storage. We include 2 seat belt leashes to keep your dog from jumping in the front seat or out of the windows.

The fleece mat is soft and more comfortable for your dog. It comes in a variety of colors. If your dog sits on pillows, towels or even the laundry, he’ll love it. It calms nervous dogs so much they often curl up and fall asleep.

Dont spend the next year wishing you had bought the seat covers with the removable fleece mat

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