Spare Ratchets and Tree Straps: Tentsile Tree Tents

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Spare Tree Tent ratchets and straps will definitely come in handy, whether you need to use it for straightening out one of your set up straps to get a better angle, or to replace worn and tired units, it is always handy to keep one up your sleeve!

The Extender Straps have a long, un-looped tail end, attached directly to a ratchet. This is the perfect accessory for those longer spans and also for those times you need to set a corner hard up against a tree trunk.

The Extender Strap is also available with the Tentsile Weblock instead of a Ratchet. Our Standard Spares are compatible with Stingray, Vista, Connect and Trillium models. The Small Ratchets and Straps are compatible with the Flite and Tmini. Once you have some experience with your Tentsile, you can save up to 2kg / 6lbs by dropping two ratchets from your system by using Tentsile WebLocks.

How to use Tentsile Tree Tent Ratchets:

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