Tentsile Lightweight Webbing Ladder

Brand: Tentsile

Color: Orange


  • The Tentsile Webbing Ladder gives campers, hikers and survivalists the power to build personalized Tree Tent basecamps deep within isolated forests, atop the wind-swept shores of palm-tree laden beaches and on the sloping sides of vast mountain ranges!
  • Our Webbing Ladder measures 6 feet long and is composed of an ultra-lightweight 25 mm-wide reinforced polyester fabric that weighs 4 ounces. Perfectly safe and easy-to-use, our portable ladder is a must-have camping accessory.
  • Featuring 2 quick-linking carabiners that anchor securely to Connect, Stealth, Stingray, Safari and Vista Tree Tents-and Trillium Hammock and Trillium XL Hammock-the Webbing Ladder helps you design easily accessible multi-floor outdoor living environments.
  • Whether making it easier for companions to use our Tree Tents and hammocks, teaching kids to properly use an innovative camping tool or creating visionary multi-story eco-villages, our Webbing Ladder helps you thrive in the wild like never before!
  • Tentsile invents innovative tensioned camping tents and functional accessories to establish livable outdoor habitats suspended comfortably in the trees. We also plant 18 trees for every Tree Tent and hammock our eco-friendly clients purchase.

Legal Disclaimer: Tentsile Ltd will not be liable for any damage or personal injury caused by mis-use of the Tentsile product. Users will take full responsibility for their health and safety once purchase has taken place and this signed waiver confirms the acceptance of these terms.

Publisher: Tentsile

Details: The Tentsile Webbing Ladder is an innovative suspension camping accessory that helps you build rapidly accessible suspension base camps. Composed of an ultra-lightweight 25 mm-wide reinforced polyester fabric, our portable hammock tent ladder measures 6 feet long and weighs 4 ounces-making it safe and easy-to-use for all outdoor enthusiasts, responsible teenagers and confident children. Featuring two quick-linking carabiners that anchor to our Connect, Stealth, Stingray, Vista and Una Tree Tents, as well as our Trillium Hammock and Trillium XL Hammock, our Webbing Ladder lets you get-into and out-of-our tree tents and hammocks with ease-while also helping you create multi-floor outdoor living environments that can be enjoyed by everyone! ABOUT TENTSILE: Tentsile saves and protects trees by raising environmental awareness. In association with WeForest Initiative and Eden Projects, we plant 18 trees for every suspension tree tent and hammock our nature-loving clients buy.

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