Svava Organic Raw Fabric Nursery Toddler, Baby Hanging Wooden Bassinet Swing Hammock



  • ūüéĀ 1 Pcs Carrier Hanging Belt Gift - (for hanging on the tree)
  • ‚Ė∂ÔłŹ NOTE: The fabric part of the product is made of organic raw fabric. No PAINT.
  • ‚ě§Both "Up - Down" movement and "Right - Left" movement make your babies more comfortable, 2 The spring mechanism supported by a steel spring also allows your crib to move up and down,
  • ‚ě§You can use it safely thanks to the special seat belt that surrounds your baby.
  • ‚ě§Ergonomic design and easy installation in minutes and you can use it easily, It is suitable for use up to two years from birth

Binding: Baby Product

Details: You can also use as Nursery wooden hammock swing, Baby bassinet hammock swing, Wooden tree swing, Girl or boy baby porch swing, Indoor cradle swing, Home swing, thanks to the carrier hanging belt your Svava Jumper Wooden Hammock Cradle. ‚ě§Svava Jumper Wooden Hammock Cradle is a beautiful unique gift for your girl or boy baby and toddler, ‚ě§It's a great Svava Jumper Wooden Hammock Cradle to entertain babies and kids in kindergarten or nursery. ‚ě§Svava Jumper Wooden Hammock Cradle, completed with 100% natural cotton fabric. ‚ě§Attachable with safety carrier belt, fixing to the ceiling with metal carabiner. Therefore the carrying capacity is 20 kg. ‚ě§This allows both girl and boy baby and toddler to use the Svava Jumper Wooden Hammock Cradle. ‚ě§With Svava Wooden Baby Jumper Hammock Cradle, your baby will fall asleep much faster. ‚ě§The Svava Wooden Baby Jumper Hammock Cradle will make your babies more comfortable with both the "Up - Down" movement and the "Right - Left" movement; your baby will be able to fall asleep much faster. ‚ě§Your baby; Thanks to its rhythmic movements, it will attract more deep and quality sleep. ‚ě§Svava Wooden Baby Jumper Hammock Cradle Dimensions: ‚ě§Hammock Width: 40 cm ‚ě§Hammock Lenght: 90 cm ‚ě§Hammock Depth: 30 cm ‚ě§Hanging Lenght: 200 cm ‚ě§Carrying Capacity: 20 Kg ‚ě§Fabric Type: %100 Cotton (30-degree hand or machine washable) ‚ě§Production Place: TurkeyProduct

EAN: 8682118121475

Package Dimensions: 40.2 x 6.7 x 3.1 inches