Sunbrella Brannon Whisper Spreader Bar Hammock


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Brand: Amber Home Goods


  • Material Used: Sunbrella fabric
  • Bed Size: 55 Inch x 82 Inch
  • Hanging Height: 4-5 feet off the ground

Details: Withstanding high-sun exposure, Sunbrella fabric hammock is a beautiful piece of adornment to your space. Offering utmost comfort, pleasure and love, it can be set up both indoors and outdoors, this amazing hammock icon another level of solace. Its splendid craftsmanship may suggest high maintenance, but only requires the same amount of attention that any other hammock will need. They offer comfort on a completely different level which brings about that pleasantness that one would expect from a soft, fluffy bed. They can also withstand any sort of climatic conditions. No color fades no decrease in durability or strength and no decrease in quality over years.


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