Spherical Tree Tent: Luminair

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Forests ARE our future… and to sustain this future forests and woodlands need to be used and used more for than just harvesting timber during their lifetimes. Research, conservation, work and retreat are all important activities that can be enjoyed as part of the forests cycle and enable the space to me managed and thrive.

To facilitate this, Tree Tents offer a comfortable and low impact inclusion into the woodland at any time of year. The Tree Tent concept is a culmination of years of work and research in sustainable shelter systems, fabric structures and tree top living. We wanted to develop a lightweight and efficient structure using sustainable, recyclable, recycled and natural materials.

A structure that can be easily transported and assembled on-site with minimal, non-permanent impact on its environment. What we realized was a unique, hybrid aluminum and green ash static airframe combined with an expertly tailored marine grade fabric skin.

The Tent is akin to an airship in many ways, its dirigible structure blends two very different engineering materials – aluminium and wood; with inspiration and design ques taken heavily from early zeppelin engineering and canvas canoe building. The Tree Tent’s spherical structure is made from light, strong and sustainable green ash hardwood integrated into a structural aluminium airframe.

The frame is encompassed by a Marine grade fabric canopy and can be further enhanced with a insulation layer and inner liner if required. Tree Tents are designed to get into tricky spaces… they can be assembled on site with minimal ‘carry-in’ and rigged to adapt to a host of different trees and positions. Different access solutions can be built around from a simple rope ladder to fixed steps and platforms or rope bridges in amongst the trees.

Move into the Tree Tent from the rugged exterior and you’ll find a spacious, calm and cosy space to enjoy the sounds and sights of the forest from a fresh angle as well as the amazing craftsmanship and engineering of the structure itself. The quilted insulated liner is available in a number of colours and along with items such as the micro wood stove, dimmable LED lighting, skylight, desks and good sized folding beds make for a luxurious escape from everyday life. The Tree Tent can be adapted to suit a range of uses from guest accommodation to a work or research centre. Up to three seat/beds can be installed for maximum occupancy or a combination of bed/s and interior units along with a host of extras such as LED lighting and solar electric integration.

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