Sorbus Kids Child Pod Swing Chair: Green

This Hammock Pod Swing offers kids a very fun, modern, and relaxing way to calm their minds. The Hammock pod swing can allow kids a new comfortable place to read, relax, or simply hangout. Our Hammock pod will look great in any room in any home. They come in a variety of color combinations such as Blue and Green and Pink and White.

  • This adorable kid’s pod swing chair tent hangs almost anywhere and is easy to relocate – Extremely sturdy hammock straps work on almost all trees, posts, or ceilings for sturdy hammock suspension
  • Includes swing chair tent, inflatable cushion, nylon rope, mounting bracket, swoop hook, and bolts – Designed for secure installation with swoop hook and mounting accessories
  • Creates hanging hammock chair tent for the perfect lounging space and a tranquil ambiance – Can be easily set up and taken down
  • Large hanging seat so you can relax your entire body – Provides superior strength while keeping your hammock in place – Safely supports up to 176Lbs
  • Swing seat tent is made of high quality, weather-resistant polyester and colorful cotton that will not stretch or rip under pressure – Measures approximately 27.5 in diameter x 59 in height – For children ages 3+

The dimensions consists of: WEIGHT CAPACITY: Kids hammock swing holds up to 176 pounds SIZE: 27.6 x 59 (Diameter of seat cushion: 27.6 , hammock length: 59 ) Let your kids have a new comfortable place to sit, read, and relax. Order yours today!

Package Dimensions: 12.2 x 7.5 x 3.7 inches

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