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Skeeter Beeter Pro Ultralight Hammock

If you've been hammock camping you know the feeling when you spend the night curled up in the fetal position, hiding from bugs and mosquitos.

Perhaps you tried adding your own mosquito net your hammock, only to have it come off in the middle of the night with the wind.

This is the reason the Skeeter Beeter Pro bug proof hammock exists.

Enter easily using the two-way zipper Skeeter Beeter Pro in Khaki/Olive, where you can seal yourself inside, and stretch out in comfort. Multiple tie-outs give this hammock some serious interior space,

In colder bug free enviroments you can flip the hammock netting-side-down and enjoy it as you would a parachute nylon hammock!

Bug Proof Hammock Specs:

    • 400 lbs
    • 10'6" x 5'
    • Weighs only 35 oz (2.2lbs)
    • Nautical-grade Carabiners
    • Starter Rope Kit
    • Net Suspension Kit
    • Double-sided Zipper
    • 100% Parachute Nylon

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