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  • Create a Safe Space for Your Child: Also recommended as a sensory swing for autistic children or as an indoor therapy swing, the SensoSwing layer hammock provides children with a soothing environment that encourages them to calm down their overly stimulated senses. Versatile, the hanging kid chair will offer endless fun while also relaxing and cuddling children.
  • Enjoy Double Benefits with One Purcha se: Accompanied by a solid cotton swing pod, the sensory swing hammock pack allows you to choose the most suitable compression sensory swing, catering to your needs. With a comfortable inflatable pillow, your child can use the hanging nest swing as a reading nook, a toddler swing or as a hug swing.
  • Take Your Chair Hammock Anywhere: The portable sensory chair for kids is highly convenient. Enabling you to offer your child the benefits of the calming back-andforth motion of a kids’ hammock, the hammock swing chair can be packed fast in the accompanying carry bag. Providing hours of inspiring joy, the kids’ swing is great as a kids’ porch swing or as an indoor hanging seat hammock when you go on holiday or when you visit friends or relatives.
  • Use Your Child’s Swing with Confidence: The compression sensory swing kit includes a set of sturdy accessories that make installing the therapy swing easy. The heavy-duty carabiners and straps in the sensory swing with hardware pack can be quickly and securely installed indoors or outdoors. With bright colors that promote optimism, the therapy cocoon swing is a valuable piece of kids’ bedroom furniture.
  • Keep Your Child Comfortable: A great tool for improving child development, the sensory swing hammock is made of stretchy fabric that will mold to the child’s body. The fabric blend of the therapy swing for kids allows children to perform various movements, such as bouncing, spinning, hanging, or sailing through the air. Lightweight, the indoor swing for kids has a double layer of soft fabric in vibrant colors that provides superior durability and comfort.

Details: The sensory swing pack by SensoSwing is a set of two hanging hammocks which can be used in sensory processing situations or simply as fun swings for kids. The kids’ sensory swings hold up to 200 lbs and come with daisy chains straps, solid carabiners, and 360° swivel hangers made of stainless steel to hang them in your home. These indoor swings stimulate the vestibular system responsible for balance and coordination while building a peaceful environment after a long, stimulifilled day. Frequently used as a therapeutic tool, the therapy swings in the set provide a snug space for children, where they can get away from the sensory overload of the day. Made of premium quality materials, the indoor hammock chairs are durable and allow a wide variety of movements. Order the indoor sensory swing set now and get: ★ Sensory swing Material : nylon 95 % , cotton 2 %, spandex 3 % Color: Navy Blue / Orange Size : 50 x 35 inches Capacity: 200 lbs Accessories: 1 x Daisy chains straps 1 x Heavy Duty Carabineers – 1 x 360° Swivel hanger 1x Heavy Duty 360 ° Swivel hanger designed with a locking pin to make things easier to mount witch comes with two different screw types, for wood installations and for concrete installations.★ Swing Pod Material: 100 % cotton Color: Green Capacity: 200 lbs Accessories: 1 x Daisy chains straps 1 x Heavy Duty Carabineers 1 x Extra 360° Swivel hanger 1 x Thick PCV inflatable cushion 1 x Manual Air Pump for the PVC cushion 1 x Drawstring Carry Bag Color: Bright Green 1 x Instruction Manual

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