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Scott Aerator

Scott Aerator Display Aerator Water Outdoor Fountain

Brand: Scott Aerator


  • Crafted from durable HDPE and stainless steel
  • Controls algae and maintains clarity
  • Aerates 400 gallons/minute
  • Pump included
  • Adjustable trumpet-shaped spray (10'-20' dia.)

Publisher: Scott Aerator Co LLC

Details: Add the calming sound of bubbling water to your pond with the Display Aerator Water Fountain. Aerator adds oxygen to your pond to keep it healthier Ideal unit for controlling algae, maintaining water clarity Shoots a trumpet-shaped spray 7 to 9 feet, moves 400 gallons of water per minute Available in 1/2 HP, 115 or 230 volt Propeller activated, comes with 70 feet of electrical cord Three different discs allow you to adjust diameter of spray from 10 to 20 feet Constructed with rugged, high-density polyurethane and stainless steel Environmentally-friendly, oil-free motors, no chance of oil leaks Motors feature a water-lubricated, carbon-bearing system Five-year unconditional motor warranty! 1/2 HP models have a spray height of 7 - 9 feet 1 1/2 HP models have a spray height of 8-10 feet 1/2 HP models require a minimum water depth of 32 inches 1 1/2 HP models require a minimum water depth of 42 inches What We Like About the Display Aerator Water Fountain This unit looks lovely while it adds oxygen to the water, which keeps your water cleaner and healthier for fish. It will also prevent surface and bottom growth, while inhibiting mosquito breeding. With an adjustable aerator, you can alter the distance that the fountain sprays. You have the option to add lighting and colors to make your water truly magical at night. The aerators are both self-contained and self-floating, and ship complete with a float. This unit has a durable build, and the unconditional five-year motor warranty certainly ensures its quality. Easy to Install: 1. Simply secure mooring lines (not supplied; we suggest you purchase nylon clothes line at a local store) to the eye bolts under the float. 2. Float the fountain or aerator out to the desired spot and secure the lines to shore or to cement blocks in the pond, spacing them at least 25 feet apart. In winter, during freezing temperatures, remove fountain or aerator from water.

Package Dimensions: 32.0 x 32.0 x 6.0 inches