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Color Cloud makes true double hammocks that are FUNctional, fashionable and fairly-made in Ethiopia. Arriving ready-to-hang, each hammock features a handy inside pocket and fits in a matching stuff sack.

It’s a scientific fact, we’d all be happier if we took more naps–especially grownups. Perfected to bring back the midday break we didn’t appreciate enough in kindergarten, we created Sangria Siesta, a signature hammock to encourage naptime for adults. Featuring the deep red of a vintage cabernet to relax you into a deep slumber, we’ve balanced this combo with the sweetness of golden yellow guaranteed to recharge. Don’t worry, this hammock is safe for kids too, and the actual drinking of Sangria while napping is optional (hammock cup holder not included).

Why Buy Color Cloud Hammocks?

  • Measuring 9’ long by 7.5’ wide and fashioned from quick-drying superfine polyester, a reinforced middle seam adds extra support, and a handy 7.5“ x 9” inside pocket keeps your book, camera or phone within reach.
  • Each hammock comes ready to hang with 90” of weatherproof polypropylene rope fitted to each end and attached securely to a heavy-duty S-hook, enabling a hanging distance of approximately 15’ between trees/posts/anchor points.
  • Packed up in its matching 1-liter stuff sack, the hammock weighs just over 2 lbs and measures 10” x 5” x 5” to easily fit into a daypack, picnic basket or overnight bag.
  • Safely and comfortably holds up to 400 lbs.
  • Color Cloud Hammocks products are warrantied for 1 year under standard use. Color Cloud Hammocks are not recommended for permanent installation outdoors since extended exposure to sun and weather may weaken the fabric.

Molten reds meet glacial blues to bring you Fire and Ice, the perfect Color Cloud Hammock combination for every season. Who says hammocks are just for temperate weather? With Fire and Ice, you can keep cool on the chilly blue side during the fiery days of summer, or snuggle up on the red hot during the frozen days of winter.

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