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shallow swing,
Petals on the lawn! A spacious fabric-covered wooden frame invites you to relax!
The hand-crafted wooden frame curves gently and is glued together by hand with a lamination process that provides weatherproofing.Because of its saddle shape, the fabric stabilizes the frame. The result is a lightweight, dimensionally-stable and yet elastic, transparent structure that is comfortable to recline on, offers the possibility of gentle rocking, and can also provide sun protection.
The (weatherproof) textile coverings can be printed in different colors and with different motifs. For corporate clients, for example, the fabric can be printed wth your logo. For indoor and outdoor use.

The shallow swing is the shape of a hyperbolic parabola. The circular base is twisted in a manner which provides opposing high and low points. The resulting saddle shape stabilizes the frame, while the fabric covering provides elasticity.

Outer diameter 2.50 m
Height 50 cm
Reclining level about 25 cm above the ground

Because the Shallow Swing is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, we use the “Stamisol” brand of fabric by Ferrari. It is characterized by high tensile strength coupled with elasticity and UV resistance. It is mainly used for large façade designs and does not absorb moisture. The mesh of the fabric is sufficiently permeable to the air that it poses little wind resistance and therefore the Shallow Swing does not fly away like a sail in the breeze.

The wooden frames are weatherproofed through a process of lamination. Native woods, such as oak, larch and Douglas fir are used in the construction as well as ash, spruce and red oak. Imported woods are also available, by request.

The laminated wooden frame is available in 3 natural wood shades: light, medium and dark. ATTACHMENT OF THE TEXTILE COVERING
The fabric is mounted in a milled groove and held there by a square bar.

The Shallow Swing fabric can be printed in all colors and designs, including coporate logos, using weather-resistant paint with the option of having this further coated with lacquer. A selected assortment of solid-colors is available for immediate delivery. See also COLLECTIONS.

In the cold season, we recommend storing the “shallow swing” under cover, preferably in an appropriate case. For easy carrying, a shoulder strap is provided.

In his studio and workshops, Gisbert Baarman creates a full range of artistic wood designs for unique as well as mass produced objects. Production usually takes place in his own workshops, or in cooperation with his partner “Gilles Planen” of Neubrandenburg.


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