YOBO Hammock Stands

Lightweight Portable Hammock Stand: YOBO Hammock Stands

YOBO hammock stands are lightweight, portable, easy to store, and are crafted from the highest quality materials, provided by DAC and Lawson Outdoor Equipment, to ensure outstanding strength and durability.

The YOBO hammock stand allows you to easily set up your hammock anytime, anywhere. A YOBO hammock stand gives you the freedom to set up your hammock without having to worry about finding suitable trees to anchor your hammock to. The YOBO hammock stand is the perfect accessory for camping, tailgating, music festivals, beaches, or any other activity where you want to utilize your hammock.

Hammock Stand Specs:

  • Max Load: 300LBS
  • Stand Weight: 32.4oz
  • Tarp Extension Weight - 4oz
  • Hang Height (Floor to Loop) - 130cm
  • Assembled Height: 132.25cm - 180.25
  • Assembled Width (At Base): 67.5cm
  • Storage Length: 51cm
  • Storage Width: 8cm

YOBO Hammock Stand Package Contents: 

  • 1 Hammock Stand 
  • 4 DAC Stakes 
  • 12' Of Lawson Cordage 
  • 1 Tarp Extension

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