Modern Onion

Ovalia Egg Pod Chair Replica Mid Century Modern Lounge: White Shell (Black)

Is life going a bit egg shaped? Well get oval it and buy this egg chair! It's trendy, comfortable and will make your interior look truly egg-selent! Originally the Ovalia or Egg Pod Chair was based on the perhaps better known 'Ball Chair' design by Eero Aarnio (which we also sell!). A man named Thor-Larsen's came up with it in 1968 at a Scandinavian furniture fair. It's made entirely from fiberglass with a hand stitched weave wool interior and 2 removable cushions.



  • Transforms commercial settings
  • 360 Swivel Mechanism
  • Cocooning effect keeps sound out
  • Your own relaxing 'pod'
  • 5 color variations

Details: The chair has a heavy cast iron plate in the base and a 360 swivel mechanism. They're great and you need one in your life! Our Egg Pod Chairs measure: 54.6" H x 35.1" W x 28.1"

Brand: Modern Onion

Color: Black

Package Dimensions: 48.0 x 36.0 x 35.0 inches