Organic Cotton Hammock with CasaMount Black Multipurpose Suspension

The luxurious family hammock Bossanova, made of organic cotton, is extra-large, soft and comfortable. Because of a special diagonal stretch weaving technique, the Bossanova hugs your body’s contours perfectly. The decorative fringe and macramé trim are typical for Brazilian hammocks. A large number of suspension cords ensure optimal weight distribution and excellent comfort. The organic cotton is soft to the touch and yet easy to clean. When you purchase a Bossanova, you’re not only doing something good for yourself, but also for Brazilian street children!


  • Traditional cloth hammock for one or more people. Tip: It’s most comfortable when lying diagonally – giving your back the best possible support and opening the hammock with your body
  • Modern design combined with traditional Brazilian details such as the macramé and artfully crafted ornamental fringes make this a special (and supremely comfortable) place to relax
  • The improved MultiSpot, developed by LA SIESTA and made in Germany, works with any kind of ceiling-concrete, wood, and even drywall studs & joists-ensuring quick and easy installation
  • LA SIESTA suspension systems are built to last. Tough and durable, they’re designed to withstand the elements and hold up to the harsh demands of outdoor environments
  • Carrying capacity: 355 lbs / Rope: 9 ft 10 in | Ø 0.28 in / Material description: hook: polyamide (glass fiber reinforced) | rope: 100% polyester


Color: Bossanova Champagne with Suspension Set

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 10.0 x 10.0 inches

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