Modern Swiveling Lounge Reading Ball Chair: White


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Get yourself ready for a ball… chair. Stick one (or more) of these in your home or office and word will soon get a-round how incredibly cool you are! This space-age looking, comfy creation is a firm favourite of mine and the perfect place to rest your inflated waistband this season, designed in 1963 by Eero Aarnio our replicas of this curved creation is made almost completely out of delicately painted fiberglass, the inside is then upholstered in a weave wool fabric and finally hand-stitched in an umbrella-like pattern. The cushions are filled with soft foam, the covers are removable and washable. The base contains cast iron for stability and has a ball bearing swivel mechanism to allow you swivel around as you see fit. The design is super duper comfy (and cool looking) and can be being stuffed with cushions, small animals, bean bags or even presents if you desire, the rounded design makes a cocoon effect allowing you to twirl around and hide from the world! Turning the chair toward a corner creates a great sound-blocking effect but (kids?) might result in some sort of punishment if you use this against your parents, on the upside parents you can use it to block out the sounds of your kids. Should you want to… not suggesting anything here


  • Fiberglass ‘globe’ Shell
  • Durable but Soft Weave Wool Interior
  • Soft Wool Blend Removable Foam Cushions
  • Full 360 Swivel Mechanism
  • Cocoon Effect Shuts Off Outside Noises

Legal Disclaimer: Not affiliated with Aarnio Design or any other registered trademarks

Publisher: Modern Onion

Details: . Relaxing really can be as enjoyable as it a-spheres! Dimensions 49.3″ H x 49.3″ W x 28.7″ D minimum Door clearance of: 28.4″

Brand: Modern Onion
Color: White

Weight 180 kg

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