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LIZONGFQ Sky Garden Terrace Outdoor Rattan Swing Chair, Hanging Basket Home Indoor Balcony Single Moon Rattan Bird Nest Hammock Cradle Chair



  • Three-point bracket base: The bottom uses a three-point bracket design, coupled with high-quality hardware and graphics, to enhance the stability and safety of the water drop hanging chair, allowing you to enjoy leisure time more comfortable and at ease.
  • Drop-shaped design: According to the design concept of water drop, the drop-shaped design has the functions of wind resistance, beautiful breathability, practicality, and has the characteristics of a bird's nest.
  • The covered rattan strips are staggered in an orderly manner: the sturdy and firm vines continue to be crafted, and the ingenuity inherits the craft of rattan weaving.
  • Thick cushions and pillows are presented, skin-friendly fabrics have high resilience, and four-color cushions are available for random delivery.
  • Picture description: All products are taken 100% in kind, but due to different light angles and monitor contrasts, personal understanding of colors, the actual objects may have a certain color difference from the photos. This kind of problem is not a product quality problem. Subject to your understanding.

EAN: 1011214278085