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Kids Indoor Swing Adjustable Yoga Snuggle Swing for Kids with Special Needs

Brand: LHHL

Color: Gray


  • Material : This therapy swing is made of soft silky nylon, which is light but durable
  • Rugged and Durable: Our indoor swing pods are sturdy and durable and can safely accommodate children under 440lbs.We also make the pressure therapy. The swing is washable, so you can easily deal with chaos
  • Therapy : The swing therapy strengthens the head, neck and core muscles, which improves physical activities such as walking and running
  • Calming Effect : The swing of sensory therapy is specially designed for the needs of children.The compression helps your child feel safe as if hugging or being wrapped
  • Easily Setup: The indoor swing is easy to set up. You and your child can start playing as soon as a new swing arrives

EAN: 8370069035704