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When your pooch is nervous it can create a distressing and often dangerous situation in your car while you are concentrating on your pet and the road. KULULU is the designer of this naturally calming aid for your dog, hammock style backseat protector with the PATENTED COVER WITH MESH WINDOW. When your dog can see you through the mesh window, they feel safer, creating a state of Pet Stress Prevention making your journey easier and safer for everyone.


  • ?CONVENIENT, EASY TO USE AND PRACTICAL – Keeping your vehicle like new. At 54” W x 58” L, the KULULU pet calming car seat cover for dogs keeps the back seat of most standard size cars and small SUVs totally covered. Vacuum, wipe with a damp rag, machine wash or hose off. The only rule: you must have adjustable headrests for installation of this rear bench seat cover for dogs. Feel free to contact us for assistance if you are not sure that this size will fit your car.
  • ?OUTSTANDING QUALITY ABOVE AND BEYOND THE COPYCATS – 5 layers of protection. Extra quilting for extreme comfort for your dog and the protection of your car. Perfectly designed mesh window which is impervious to scratching and tearing by your dog. 100% Waterproof. State of the art lock buckles, Extra straps, seat anchors and the non-slip silicone backing ensure that the washable backseat dog cover stays in place even on leather seats and with constant movement.
  • ?AN AMAZING DISCOVERY FOR PEOPLE WITH SERVICE DOGS – Service dogs need to be in eye contact with their owners at all times. Whether the dog owner is driving the car or is a passenger, it is important for the dog to be able to see them and “feel” them at all times. The mesh window of this non-slip seat protector for dogs, affords them that opportunity making time spent in the car easier and less stressful for both service dog and the recipient of their wonderful skills.
  • ?ORDER YOURS NOW AND RECEIVE A LIFETIME WARRANTY – KULULU brings you a high quality, practical, useful and great looking product. We pride ourselves on being the original designers of this amazing product and no-one but us actually knows exactly how it is made. Simply register with us within 30 days to receive your lifetime guarantee (details on the packaging).

Waterproof, scratchproof, with side flaps, seat anchors and strong extra straps will offer your dog all the stability it needs. Excellent manufacturing material and features, which do not allow the cover to flip or get slippery and fall out of place. Stability and comfort at the same time, due to its ideal size and material quality. Thick enough to make a soft bedding for your pet and stable enough to stay put. There is much more to it -here let’s just mention how easy it is to clean and how easy it is to install within a few minutes!

Brand: Kululu

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