KT Dedicated Stand Frame for Aerial Yoga


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  • The KT dedicated air yoga stand frame model KT1.1520YG is easy to set up and adjust the horizontal-bar height (without a spanner wrench) from 70.86’’ – 100.4’’ (180cm – 255cm). It’s high enough to hang yoga hammock but not exceed your ceiling so you can put it in any room. This aerial yoga stand can bear up to 440.9 lbs (200kgs). Its weight: 48.5 lbs (22kgs), much lighter than model KT1.1520. You can check the images to know the parameters of the product
  • HIGH QUALITY yoga sling frame, made of high-strength alloy steel. LOW VIBRATION and high FORCE-BEARING CAPACITY during exercise. Please note that the word “sturdy” or “stable” does not mean 0% wobble, this Model still has about 8% wobble. DURABLE, comes with an astonishing 05 years warranty which guarantees it is the best yoga swing stand that money can buy!
  • The distance-setting bar is located near the ground to help the users exercise more comfortably without being entangled. You can easily adjust the horizontal-bar to the lowest level thanks to a hole located on the top of the leg, so this aerial yoga stand frame is not too high when folded or can be used as a children’s play tent by covering the blanket or piece of cloth over it
  • PORTABLE. Convenient and easy to move this KT fly yoga stand anywhere within your home/office and takes LESS THAN 10 SECONDS TO FOLD UP after use. Easy to add or remove other accessories beside aerial yoga hammock and kit such as foam handle grips, hanging hook, swing chair for kids, TRX straps.. This’s also the SAFE and EFFECTIVE lower back pain stretcher, recommended by doctors to stretch your back / spine, very good for the treatment and prevention of sciatica, herniated disc…
  • Normally, you’ll receive product within 08 days from order date. Ship from California, US. BUY NOW ! No need to look anywhere, this is exactly the perfect product for you. No ceiling or wall drilling! Not harm the door frame. Hang anything you want. You will definitely like this KT dedicated aerial yoga stand frame. It is simply the ideal stand frame for yoga clubs or home use

Details: Are you looking for an incredibly convenient outdoor indoor dedicated aerial yoga stand frame only for yoga exercises? This’s exactly the product you expect.
Not just advertising – it’s the truth! Most users are satisfied with this KT folding hanging yoga stand portable. Distinctive design and outstanding quality. A perfect product for smart shoppers who like PORTABLE, FOLDABLE, HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE, and STURDY yoga swing stand frame. Sets up easily in your office or home without drilling and no need tool to assemble. Be folded in 08 seconds, you can move it to any place for exercise. Its height can be adjusted from 70.86’’ to 100.78’’ to fit your expectation.
ALSO USE FOR FULL BACK / SPINE STRETCHING to treat lower back pain, sciatica pain, herniated disc ..prevent skeletal issues, and much more. If you work at a computer, over a desk, drive, or any number of jobs that make your back stiff and sore – just a few minutes of stretching can make everything better. You can also use this yoga swing free standing to make your children taller – it really works! And GREAT FOR GYM FITNESS. The sheer convenience of this KT stand for aerial yoga will encourage you to workout every day. And, hang anything you want
This KT yoga aerial stand made of HIGH STRENGTH ALLOY STEEL and included safety features. Will last for years of hard continued use. 05 YEARS WARRANTY ensures no-risk purchase. BUY NOW when it’s in stock.

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