Kammok Python Straps - Hammock Suspension System

Brand: Kammok

Color: Stone Gray


  • The Python Straps provide eighteen (18) points of connection on each strap, providing ultimate adjustability for the perfect hammocking experience
  • Distance matters, the Python Straps can safely suspend the user by anchor points that are over twenty (20) feet apart, making for some of the longest hammock straps available
  • Python Straps come in pairs (2 per set) and are packaged in their own water-resistant pouch.
  • Reflective tracers are woven the length of the Python Straps so that they are very visible in low-light conditions.
  • Setting up a hammock with Kammok Python hammock hanging straps is simple and takes less than one minute! Setup and tear down is so easy with no complicated knots to learn.

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Details: The Kammok Python straps are 10 ft. daisy chain suspension straps that help adventures quickly and safely hang a hammock from any tree, rock, post or anchor point. When designing the Kammok Python Straps, we found inspiration from the python snake - known for its vice-like grip and excellent tree hugging capabilities. You can rest assured that you're Python Straps will stand the test of time with Kammok's lifetime warranty.

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