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Jatoc Designs

Jatoc Designs Hammock with Stand - Indoor or Outdoor Hamock with Stand - Standing Patio Hammock - Wooden, 12ft

Brand: Jatoc Designs


  • NO TREES? - Don’t want to wait 20 plus years for them to grow? No problem with this wooden hammock stand. You don't have to worry about damaging any nearby trees or not being in just the right spot. Our freestanding hammock stand allows you to set up where ever you want to. Why not beside the pool? In the shade? Warm up in the sun? The choice is yours!
  • CURVES IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES - Our stunning curved free standing hammock frame is designed to be aesthetically pleasing and a draw card to your yard, garden or patio. Equally exquisite indoor or out, it makes a great statement and is a beautiful piece of furniture.
  • SIZE MATTERS - The size of this cream cotton canvas hammock bed measures 47 inches wide x 84 inches long (from bar to bar) and is rated to hold 350lb. Perfect to enjoy the piece and tranquillity by yourself or enjoy a good book in the shade of your favourite tree. The Russian Larch frame is 144 inches (12ft) from tip to tip and the base feet are 54 inches wide making it the perfect stand alone hammock.
  • EASY ASSEMBLE - Ahhh the fun of flat packed furniture, but no need to worry as everything you need is included. Our stunning piece of lawn furniture is straight forward to assemble. Our self standing hammock stand comes with easy to follow instructions and all the tools you need to be laying back enjoying the peace in no time.
  • HOLIDAY AT HOME - These Hammocks with stand allow you the freedom to enjoy your time and relax. Why not holiday at home? Imagine laying in the shade of your favorite tree as you close your eyes and slowly fall asleep..........

Details: No posts? No supports handy? No trees in the correct place? ♥ Our beautiful wooden hammock stand is for you! ♥ Want to make a beautiful statement in your yard? ♥ Our beautiful wooden hammock stand is for you! ♥ Or simply want a place to relax? ♥ Our beautiful wooden hammock stand is for you! ♥ Not only is our wooden hammock stands stunning to look at and makes a great statement piece, but it allows you to relax and enjoy some you time. We all know life is busy and finding the time to relax is hard but imagine lying back in this hammock as you drift off and truly relax. You know it isn't always practical to go away so why not enjoy a mini vacation in this hammock with stand. Use it either as a indoor hammock or outdoor hammock, it doesn't really matter, you will love it for years to come. It's time to live life to the fullest and surround yourself with the nicer things in life, forget those tacky metal frames, go with a sturdy piece of wooden furniture. You will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

EAN: 0715706391702

Package Dimensions: 68.5 x 14.3 x 5.0 inches