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The Flex cradle is a hanging cradle that swings and bounces. But compared with our Classic Hanging cradle the Flex cradle offers something extra, making it a practical alternative for those seeking more options. At night, you can suspend the cradle from that special place beside your bed. During the day, you can place the cradle on its feet anywhere you wish. This way, you have your baby with you at all times in his or her trusted cradle. The Flex cradle can be clicked quite simply out of the ropes and placed on its short legs. Thanks to the shortness of the legs, the cradle can be put down on a table, next to the couch or between the daisies in your yard. The cradle is also an ideal travel cot: it weighs less than 7 lb (3 kg) and is easy to dismantle. It can be used, under parental supervision, up to 14 months.

Brand: Hussh Cradles

Color: Off-White


  • RESEMBLING THE WOMB: our hanging cradle not only rocks your baby to and fro but also gently bobs UP AND DOWN: a sleep-enhancing combination. When you nudge the cradle it’ll swing and bounce gently for a while. Great for FALLING ASLEEP. The price INCLUDES the SPRING and a comfortable MATTRES made of coconut-fibres with recycled-wool tufting and a removable cover of soft organic cotton.
  • DAY and NIGHT: A hanging bassinet not just for a nap during the day but designed for day and night sleep. You can suspend your baby cradle INDOORS next to your bed at night and but also in your living room or OUTDOORS during the day. Your baby can sleep day and night in the cradle until the age of about 6 to 9 months or the weight of about 20 lbs
  • ERGONOMIC: By easily adjusting the length of the ropes you can SET THE HEIGHT of the bassinet to fit nicely next to your bed or for STAND-UP NURSING. REFLUX can be reduced considerably by slightly tilting the crib by adjusting the length of the ropes.
  • SAFETY: the Hussh hanging cradle is produced in compliance with the Dutch Consumer Safety Institute and the European NEN-EN 1130 safety norms. The use of coconut fibres in combination with wool is the safest choice for newborns and smaller babies offering the best support and excellent BREATHABILITY. A slightly concave top ensures an even more STABLE position for your baby.
  • NATURAL AND FAIR: Our crib is made using only natural materials such as coconut, natural latex, recycled wool, 100% organic, unbleached cotton, jute and unpainted wood. All our baby cradles are made by Dutch hands, because overseas production all too often entails child labour or deplorable working conditions. Much is made in social workplaces.

EAN: 8718868158222

Package Dimensions: 33.5 x 16.9 x 5.9 inches

Weight 15.43 kg

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