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Hill-Tribe Deluxe Travel (TJ) FAIR Trade Hammock (Shades of Blue)



  • WINTER SALE ! IT FEELS BETTER ON A FAIR TRADE HAMMOCK. The HILL TRIDE HAMMOCKS are made by hand in the north of Thailand. We offers people from remote villages the opportunity of a fair, steady income. Originally intended as an alternative income, the project is now a steady employer for many men and women in the Lanna, Lahu, Khmu and Hmong tribes. The production takes place in the home villages and is paid fairly. Each worker sets his own pace.
  • Travel version designed for camping and carrying around easily. Fit 1 person. Smaller version of the SJ. Handmade in 5-6 days with 100% weatherproof Acrylic triple yarn, for outdoor use Fits one adult. Built to last with a level of comfort that has to be experienced to be believed Overall Length 3.65 m - Bed length 1,95 m Width 2 m Weight 850 grams
  • Material: ACRYLIC cotton spun triple yarn 1/1 Inter loop MICRO Weave. The material is incredible soft, softer then cotton, and can be left outside all summer. Definitely the softest and most comfortable of all weatherproof hammocks.
  • The ONLY Thai hammocks CERTIFIED by the WORLD FAIR TRADE ORGANIZATION 5 Year garantee against sun and rain damages
  • Perfect hanging 10 ft apart at 6 ft high Fit on a 9 ft Universal stand Hand wash with soft soap and fabric softener

Details: WINTER SALE The key feature of our hammocks is the material from which they are hand crafted. Acrylic yarn is a very unique hammock material, with many benefits which include, weather fastness, color fastness, super strength, and unbelievably soft comfort. (better then Polypropylene, Polyester or nylon). The vibrant colors are possible due to Acrylic yarn lending itself well to dying. Each hammock is hand crafted crochet style by a skilled weaver from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand with. The end result is a hammock like you have not yet experienced. Moulding to the shape of your body, the thousands of loops allow air to permeate through the material. You will also notice the tightest weave on the market for no marks on the skin. We are confident that our hammocks are of superior quality to anything else available worldwide. Relax, Be Happy and make your friends envious with one of those premium quality hammocks. The continual deforestation of the forest, the lack of education, the remote location and discrimination by the rest of the population have made it almost impossible for many tribes in the region to find a way out of poverty. In 1996, Swiss textile engineer and dropout Peter Schmidt discovered the craftsmanship of the Hill Tribes and started weaving hammocks with them. Its textile experience and the traditional craftsmanship of the local people made the first net hammocks in Thailand. Twenty-one years later, Hammock Art has created a hammock collection that is hard to beat in terms of design, comfort and quality.

EAN: 0619317063730

Package Dimensions: 11.0 x 9.1 x 5.5 inches