Harkla Indoor Therapy Swing for Kids: Hardware Included


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looking for the perfect place for your child with sensory needs to feel relaxed and have fun? Harkla’s indoor swing for kids is a great addition to the bedroom or sensory room. Our room swings for indoors fit perfectly with other sensory tools and toys. The Harkla kids pod swing is designed to fit your sensory needs: (1) Compression from the cuddle swing gives a hug-like effect to your child. (2) Swinging, vestibular input means this hanging pod chair helps your child explore space around them and get their bearings. The hammock swing is an amazing, high-quality occupational therapy tool that can be added to your home.


  • A RELAXING PLACE FOR YOUR CHILD TO HANG: Harkla’s indoor swing chair for kids will be your child’s new go-to place to calm down. We’ve designed the swing pod for fun and sensory input.
  • ALL HARDWARE NEEDED FOR AN EASY SET UP: Your child will want to get started with playtime as soon as their new swing arrives. That’s why every purchase of a cocoon swing chair includes $25 in hardware at no extra cost to you! Along with the compression swing, each package includes two carabiners, a daisy chain, a figure-8 descender, and a ceiling hook at no extra cost to you. Get started in a sensory swing without a single trip to the hardware store.
  • HOLDS UP TO 200LBS – LIFETIME COMMITMENT: Our indoor swing pod is sturdy and safe accommodating children up to 200lbs. We’ve also made the compression therapy swing machine washable so you can take care of messes easily. All of our autism sensory products come with a lifetime, money-back guarantee. Buy a kids sensory swing from Harkla with confidence. As a USA company, we’re ready and able to help!
  • HUG-LIKE CALMING EFFECT: The sensory therapy swing is designed with your child’s needs in mind. The compression of the cocoon swing helps your child feel secure similar to getting a hug or being swaddled.
  • WATCH YOUR CHILD’S ANXIETY & IRRITATION MELT AWAY: Your child will receive positive sensory benefits in our hanging pod swing for kids. The swinging motion paired with compression provides the perfect vestibular autism sensory input. A cocoon swing for kids is a great way for your child to end a stressful day!

Details: Support your child by giving them a hanging swing chair where they can self-regulate. The therapy swings for sensory kids is designed for ages 3+ and 200lbs or less. To set up your autism swings indoor, we recommend buying hardware that allows pod swings to swivel 360 degrees. If you add both the cocoon swing and swivel hardware to cart, you’ll save automatically! Each package includes an activity guide book written by occupational therapists for fun activities your child can do with their sensory swing indoor mesh! Also, when you purchase your lycra swing, we’ll email you Harkla’s digital library: (1) 10 Best Ways to Improve Your Child’s Autistic Symptoms; (2) The Sensory Processing Disorder Handbook; (3) 101 of the Best Toys for Kids with Autism; (4) The Autism Meltdown Checklist. Add an indoor child swing to your sensory room and see the visible effect it has on your child. Shop Harkla’s sensory swings for autistic children, today!

Brand: Harkla

Package Dimensions: 13.1 x 9.6 x 3.5 inches

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