Hammock Stand – 1.2mm Thickness Stainless Steel Frame with Polyester Hammock Net


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Brand: Tranquillo

Color: Black


  • Tranquillo Pearluxis offers a never-before-seen original design that embodies its namesake of being a sleek and modern take on the familiar hammock stand. The solid 1.2mm thick stainless steel material easily withstands 450 pounds
  • Smart Click’n’Lock mechanism brings an effortless yet exciting experience in assembling this hammock stand. Smooth, fluid motion sets the tone of your relaxation time be it reading, watching your favorite shows, or simply napping
  • Durable and smooth ball bearing makes sure all rocking movements are flawless and noiseless. Rubber feet stabilize and minimize any scratching, making the stand the perfect resting station in both your home and outdoor settings
  • 2-layered polyester breathable expandable hammock net easily accommodates anyone. Stitched-in spreader bars prevent awkward cocooning while durable hardware withstands any environmental elements to make a light yet versatile companion on any trips
  • Collapsible design easily fits into the accompanying travel bag that makes storage and carry about a breeze. Quick, simple and easy to set up anywhere. Everything is in the box for an effortless assembly

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Details: Bring a dash of modernity to your household with our Tranquillo’s Pearluxis stainless steel hammock stands. Commonly used in specialized appliances, stainless steel material, or more familiarly called inox, offers the best in terms of durability and ease of use. Being truthful to its namesake, Pearluxis Hammock Stands feature a fluid minimalistic framework and the unprecedented Click’n’Lock mechanism as a new and exciting way to set up your stand. The hammock net that comes with the set is made of highly breathable and soft mesh for a comfortable, rewarding time. With stitched-in spreader bars to prevent uncomfortable cocooning and rust resistant hardware to withstand any harsh weathers, the net is a lightweight yet dependable and compatible companion to the stands. Uniquely designed, tested and enjoyed by generations and millions of families in Vietnam, now with a brand new look and feel, Pearluxis brings you the perfect company for relaxation, whether it’s a simple light yet much deserved nap, or a space to emerge in your hobbies: reading, chilling to music, or watching your favorite shows. At a mere 23.5 pounds and comes equipped with a sturdy carry bag, you can be certain that there’s always a resting station at hand. With your utmost comfort in mind, our effortless 30-second set-up makes it a certainty that no conversation suffers from interruption. Only tranquility. Warranty information: 01-year warranty and 30-day satisfaction warranty.

EAN: 8936196800778

Package Dimensions: 52.0 x 7.3 x 7.3 inches

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