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Go Outfitters Camping Hammock with Built-in Mosquito Net, Forest Green

Brand: Go Outfitters

Color: Forest Green


  • Designed to be extremely comfortable, durable and portable
  • The built-in mosquito net provides complete coverage
  • Includes 4 stakes, 4 guy ropes and a ridgeline that creates a spacious
  • 11' long x 64" wide for maximum comfort
  • Originally funded on Kickstarter, now available to Amazon customers


The Go Camping Hammock is an all purpose, portable camping hammock that was designed for maximum comfort. After making a big splash on Kickstarter, the Go Camping Hammock is now available to the public. This hammock eliminates uncomfortable pressure points by distributing the user's body weight more evenly than traditional hammocks. Its generous size allows freedom to move around and makes it easy find lots of comfortable positions, even for side sleepers. In order to reduce the curved body position that's associated with hammocks, experts recommend lying at a diagonal angle in a hammock. To enable users to lie even flatter, we made the Go Camping Hammock extra long and wide. With a length of 11 feet, it's much longer than most hammocks, this extra length helps flatten out the body position dramatically. At 64" wide, one can lie at an even greater angle in the hammock, flattening the body position even more. The built-in bug net is designed for hammock camping but can be used anytime mosquitoes, flies, gnats, or other insects are a problem. The included structural ridgeline and 4 stakes with guy ropes create a spacious, tent like area under the net. The ridgeline sets the sag of the hammock for maximum comfort every time. The bug net is sewn onto the hammock and there is a long two-way zipper on one side of the hammock to make it easy to enter and exit the hammock. The hammock can be flipped over and used without the bug net! If you don't already have your own hammock straps or ropes, we recommend our optional tree straps and cinch buckles system, sold separately.

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