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Go Outfitters - Aluminum Wiregate Carabiner for Hammocks - Supports, Sunset Orange

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Brand: Go Outfitters


  • No sharp edges - will not snag your hammock, straps, clothing etc.
  • Lightweight & strong - weighs only .75 oz. support up to 400 lbs.
  • Compact - only 3" x 2" x .25"
  • Multi-purpose - there are many uses for these carabiners but they are not for climbing

Details: Go Outfitters brand premium aluminum wire gate carabiner can be used to upgrade the carabiners that are included with all Go Outfitters hammocks. These multi-purpose carabiners can be used with most commercially available hammocks. Lightweight and super- strong these carabiners can supports up to 400 lbs. In a hammock. They only weight .75 oz. Each and compact.

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