Go! HangOut HugglePod Hanging Tree Tent: Mint Green

HearthSong Exclusive The Go! HangOut goes beyond the backyard with all the fun of classic HugglePod Hang Out made light-weight & portable so it can travel wherever your family roams! Adventuring is easy with our packable play space that can hang almost anywhere. Take it to the beach, the park, camping, grandma’s house or just your backyard-anywhere there’s a sturdy tree branch or pole. Light and easy to hang almost anywhere the Go!

  • LIGHT-WEIGHT, PORTABLE – this kid-friendly play space is made to travel wherever your family goes
  • EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE – No screws required, it even comes with its own hanger! Adult assembly required
  • ROOMY + COMFORTABLE – Fits multiple kids for maximum fun; 250 lbs. max. weight limit
  • EASY-TO-PACK – Take it camping, the beach, grandma’s, or to the backyard. All you need is a sturdy tree branch or pole
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION – Light-weight boning keeps that classic HangOut shape and LED lights add playful glow

Details: HangOut assembles without any screws, so you don’t need to worry about packing any extra equipment. Thanks to the ultra-strong structure rings connected by bungee cording this hanging play space comes together easily. Lightweight boning pops it back into its classic HangOut shape during set up. Includes a play space, its own hangers, carrying case, and LED string lights (3AA batteries required; not included) within the canopy. Big enough for multiple kids, the Go! HangOut is made for maximum playtime enjoyment. Kids of all kinds benefit from this enclosed, comfortable spot where they can curl up for a quiet moment to read or relax, or play games with their friends and family. When children become over stimulated, the peace of hanging safely in air soothes them. Give your kids those calming benefits anywhere your family goes with this special ultra-portable HugglePod.

Adult assembly required. Imported. HugglePod HangOut for ages 4 and up. Size: Go! HangOut HugglePod: 54″ H x 45″ W; 250 lbs. max. weight. Style: Mint Green.

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