Glass Bubble Chair


  • [Quality Material] This transparent chain chair is made of acrylic and can withstand a weight of 200 kg. Just like bubbles floating in the air. Clean and transparent, just like in space
  • Material: polyethylene synthetic vine, steel frame, polyester mat
  • [Comfortable Design] Make full use of ergonomics to design a basket suitable for the human body. Whether it is lying or sitting, it is stable and comfortable, and the style is more fashionable
  • [Hanging method] The chair is equipped with stainless steel hardware, including stainless steel expansion screws, safety buckles, thick hanging plates and thick hanging chains, which can be installed more easily and better at home
  • [Outdoor/indoor use] This unique swing chair is suitable for outdoor use, such as a backyard terrace, deck, solarium or garden, close to the pool or outdoor bar. You can take pictures on a hammock


[product material] frame stainless steel, semi-circular acrylic
[product style] hanger model, globe model, hanging chain model, landing model
Frame: metal skeleton
Style: pastoral
Stainless steel bracket: no rust, safe and reliable
Stainless steel base: stainless steel substrate, strong bearing capacity
Stainless steel frame: smooth, burr-free, beautiful, safe
Stainless steel sling: 360° rotation, good pressure resistance, weight resistance, flexibility and stability
Quality cushion: comfortable, soft, not faded


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