Hammock Town

Floppy Ears Design Waterproof Microfiber Zippered Pet Hammock Seat Cover, Grey, Large 62“ W (across the seats) x 75“

Brand: Floppy Ears Design

Color: Grey


  • Durable luxury and comfort for you and your pet to keep your vehicle clean and dry
  • Protects the entire backseat, back of the front seat and foot wells keeping your seats and vehicle clean and dry
  • Reversible with tough heavy duty Microfiber on one side and thick tipped Fleece on the other side
  • Unzip the hammock to let people and dogs use the back seat while still protecting your vehicle
  • Adjustable straps attach to front and back seat head rests. Large: 62" W (across the seats) x 75"

Publisher: Floppy Ears Design, LLC

Details: The Waterproof Zippered Microfiber Pet Hammock provides the very best in luxury, design, and performance to keep your vehicle clean and stylish. The Hammock is designed to complement your vehicles décor and keep your vehicle clean and dry with wet and dirty dogs in the back seat. The Hammock covers the entire backseat, the back of the front seat as well as the foot wells keeping your vehicle clean from dirt, water, fur and mud. The Hammock is reversible with lush heavy duty Microfiber on one side and thick tipped Fleece on the other side. Either fabric side can be used depending on your taste and car décor. These fabrics are thick, tough and durable, but look great and are very comfortable to sit on. Unzip the Hammock and it allows people and Pets to share the backseat while still keeping your seat covered and protected. The waterproof breathable layer inside the Hammock prevents water, liquids, mud and 'accidents' from seeping into your seats - and the waterproof layer allows your seats to breathe. Quilted where the dog lies for added comfort and durability. The Hammock Easy uses adjustable straps with side release buckles that attach to the front and back head restraint posts. This ensures the Hammock stays in place, won't be pulled down by your dog, and is fast and easy to install and remove. (Head restraint posts are required.) Innovative ports allow seat belts to be used but prevent dirt from slipping into the seats. The Microfiber fabric helps prevent loose fur from flying around in the vehicle. Most of that fur and loose dirt will come out by just shaking out the Hammock. For more stubborn dog dirt, you can just quickly hose off the hammock, or easy machine wash and dry. Large: 62" Wide (across the back seat) x 75" L.

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