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F.Life Aerial Silks for Aerial Acrobatic Dance 60in Wide (10 Yards) with The Equipment,Guide (Aqua)

Brand: F.Life

Color: 60in-Aqua


  • Professional Design Fabric For Acrobatics. good for beginner for climbing .The Width is 1.50m. The finish of the silk offers a non-slip textured finish providing a better grip than other aerial silks.The low stretch and thinner width is great for ease of tricks.
  • The Breaking Load Limit is over 1000kg/2200 lb Safe working load (SWL) 95 Kg on each silk. You should decide upon a length of fabric which is double the height of the area you are using, then add two metres for the knot.
  • Practice every where at the park or at home is nice to have a 10 metres silk, you can do many tricks to and will be easy to carry.
  • ECONOMICAL and SAFE. comes with the silks and all hardware for rigging at a great price. Furthermore, the hardware is all mountaineering quality and safety. certified rigging hardware includes: 2 Steel Screw-lock carabiners (5620 lbf), Rescue 8 / Descender (6744 lbf), Mountaineering Swivel (7194 lbf).
  • EASY to SET UP. instructions for both the classic silk set up as well as the aerial hammock set up. Both sets of directions come with color pictures are are extremely easy to follow. VALUE GIFTS 2 x 10ft Nylon Reinforced Daisy Chains for adjusting to your ceiling, at any height, 1 Storage bagNOT INCLUDED: Mounting accessories NOT included. Must be purchased separately if required

Details: Included in This Premium Aerial silks Kit Fabric 10 meters(11 YARDS) (32.8ft) of Aerial Silks Fabric (100% Nylon, low stretch, high strength, 40 Denier Tricot) width:108 inches 1 Rescue Figure 8 (Descender) Diameter 8-12 mm, Strength: 32 KN = 7194 Pounds Force (lbf) (Aluminum) 2 Steel Screw-lock Carabiners Max Breaking Load: 25KN = 5620 Pounds Force (lbf), (Steel) 1 Mountaineering Swivel Max Strength: 30KN = 6744 Pounds Force (lbf) (Aluminum) Guide Step-by-step knot tying guide and instructions for assembling your silks and hardware. VALUE GIFE 2 Nylon Daisy Chains(23KN), 3 ft Long,,Carrying bag What Kind Of Fabric Is? The aerial silks is made of 40-denier Nylon Tricot fabric, which is the same type of fabric used in Cirque du Soleil performances. how I hang these outside? you will need the daisy chain to secure around a healthy branch to clip this aerial apparatus into. The daisy chains are very strong and are able to be used like that. We often recommend that you use the unlooped end of the daisy chain and place it through another loop after it is wrapped around the beam or pole. As you lay on the swing it will cause tension on the loop formed around the beam/pole and hold you in place. How do I hang them? This set is ready to clip-in to a ceiling mount, such as a secure eye bolt. Because all ceilings are different, the hardware that goes into your ceiling is not included in this kit. This can be secured to a branch, pipe or beam with a tightly fitted rope or nylon strap tied securely. If you are unsure how to install something in your ceiling, finding a local handy-man or carpenter is your best bet.

EAN: 0724500058407

Package Dimensions: 12.0 x 10.5 x 6.5 inches