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Double Hammock: Sluice Hammocks (Red & Tan)

Handcrafted in North Carolina for hammocking enthusiasts everywhere, Sluice Hammocks are arguably some of the most comfortable hammocks in existence. Unlike most hammocks on the market, Sluice Hammocks are made of nylon taslan fabric, which features all of the typical benefits of lightweight nylon, but has a soft cottony texture. Their bold colors match perfectly and the durable construction screams, "American quality."

The team at Sluice Hammocks went above and beyond to make this hammock incredibly easy to use. Get set-up faster than your friends with the innovative stuff-bag design. Poke the first carabiner through a bungee opening at the top of the bag and pull the second carabiner out the bottom. The hammock unshuffles lightning fast and is ready to go in seconds! You'll never be fumbling for clips or dropping your hammock in the mud. Stainless steel snap fasteners are built into all Sluice products so everything snaps together for easy stash and carry.

Sluice Hammocks are built to last with premium fabrics and components. Each hammock comes with two full-strength climbing-rated aluminum Black Diamond carabiners that will never bend or fail. The hammocks are built in small batches so the stitchwork can be carefully inspected. Sluice Hammocks have eliminated all ropes and knots from their hammock. Instead, they use strong polyester webbing at the gathered ends for a clean look and a setup you can trust.

The Sluice Double measures 9.25ft long and 7.5 ft wide. It weighs 35oz and is rated to support people up to 6'6" and 450lbs. It can be easily taken apart for machine washing & air dry.

  • 100% nylon fabric, breathable and laundered for softness
  • Resistant to water, abrasion, rot and mildew
  • Heavy duty polyester triple stitching


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