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DNNAL Lounge Chair

Brand: DNNAL


  • Perfect for your outdoor space: the recliner kit can add comfort to your outdoor experience. On sunny days, hang out with your lover by the pool or lie on a chair to read a book or drink coffee, entertain and relax. We will meet your needs.
  • All-round use: You can use it as a bed / camping bed, backrest bed or chair. Suitable for terraces, swimming pools, lawns, gardens, decks, office naps, bedrooms, balconies, or as temporary beds for guests. Whether you are a child, an adult or an elderly, you can spend leisure time on it.
  • Exquisite and elegant taste: the designer adopts European design style. Make a beautiful braided belt with a simple design to create a comfortable furniture experience for you. Removable and comfortable cushion, filled with high-density sponge, thick and elastic waterproof fabric, easy to remove and wash.
  • Soft seats: stylish and elegant, beautiful lines, ergonomics and comfortable design principles, our careful work attitude provides you with quality leisure and comfortable life. There are also cushions.
  • Comfortable life: You can sit on a chair, watch the children swimming in the pool, or take a nap quietly. This lounge chair comes with a matching coffee table, so you can read some books, have a drink and lie comfortably on it! Enjoy a refined life.

EAN: 8062421288445