Cotton Hammock Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Space


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Hanging chairs are the trend of the moment! If you look around, you’ll see them springing up more and more often. Which makes perfect sense, as a hanging chair allows you to sit like a king and brings you almost immediately into zen mode. The great thing about the hanging chair is that it combines the relaxation of a hammock with the slightly more active posture of sitting in a chair. This makes the hanging chair ideal for sipping a drink or reading a book.

  • Extremely Convenient: This hammock chair takes up relatively little space compared to a hammock. It only has 1 suspension point, which is located directly above the hanging chair. This means that you can quickly and easily hang the hanging chair in many different places. For example, easily hang it from a branch of a tree, or from a beam under your roof canopy or porch. You can also hang them in your balcony, terrace, living room, children’s room, kids bedroom, attic, etc.
  • Safe and strong. Our hammock chair is equipped with a strong wood bar of approx. There are two grooves at the ends of the wood bar to catch the rope and prevent slipping. There are 26 hanging cords on each side of the chair to distribute weight and keep balance. The cotton-blend chair cloth increases the load-bearing capacity of the chair and the wear resistance of the fabric. The chair has passed the SGS test (report shown in Figure 2) , the load capacity is up to 150kg/330 pounds.
  • Key Guide: The best height for a hanging chair is at least 30 to 40 centimeters (11.8 to 15.7 inches)off the ground. Not lower, because the fabric of the hanging chair stretches slightly when you sit in it. The hanging chair shouldn’t hang much higher, either. The best position is when your legs can reach the floor when you stretch them slightly. Like digging your heels into the sand at the beach, perhaps.
  • After-Sales Guarantee: Each chair is handcrafted if there are process defects, or the chairs are damaged within one year from the date of purchase, we will definitely provide a new replacement.


  • Children should use this chair under the supervision of an adult.
  • Do not spin or swing in your hammock chair, as failure and injury may result.
  • 330 pounds is the maximum load-bearing of the chair, but the size of the chair is suitable for people of ordinary size. If someone weighs 330 pounds, his physique must be very large, which needs the XXL chair for more comfort.

Package Content: 1x Hammock Chair (consisting of 1x cotton cloth, 1x wooden bar)
Package Size: 98.5*13cm
Weight: 1.3kg


  • .This Hanging hammock chair provides wonderful moments of relaxation and creates a cozy, informal atmosphere. 45-degree tilt design, enjoy the best posture, avoid back and neck soreness. Only 1 suspension point, easy to find the right place to hang the chair, as long as it is safe enough. Environmentally friendly materials, no odor, recyclable. Due to the soft, skin-friendly surface, the material is so soft that even when thinly clothed the lying in this hammock chair is extremely comfortable. This Portable hammock chair can be carried when camping, beach or travel. Cleaning method:
  • Remove the spreader bar, clean with water or mild detergent, dry it in time. It is essential for romantic and relaxing places such as gardens, lawns, courtyards, parks, lakesides, and seaside. It is also suitable for all family members, adults, children, pets, etc.
  • Hanging chairs are the perfect seating to use in creative meeting rooms because inspiration comes quickly when you enter a circle of hanging chairs.
  • If there are any any problems, please contact us in time, we will solve the problem properly.

Package Dimensions: 40.0 x 7.0 x 2.8 inches

Weight 3.45 kg

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