Cocoon Tree

Cocoon Tree House: Tree Hanging Tent

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The Cocoon Treehouse is a spherical structure in aluminium covered with a resistant waterproof membrane designed to hang up on trees or placed on the ground with its adaptable feet.

Measuring 3 meters in diameter (~10 feet) this Cocoon Treehouse is a modern day campers' dream! 


  • Round top & lower node : aluminum
  • The top arc : aluminum-stainless steel
  • The lower arc with fastenings for the floor : aluminum-stainless steel
  • The horizontal arcs short : aluminum-stainless steel
  • Connectors arcs, metal nodes, Zinc coating.
  • A Cocoon Tree empty weighs only 200 kilos. (~440lbs)


  • 10 mm plate, water-resistant laminated solid panel


  • Tent membrane top & lower : 630 g / m2 
  • Removable entries - zipped entries 3pc, and a transparent skylight PVC window
  • The baggage compartment


  • External holder cocoon (rack) Bolts, nuts, racing - The mattress is not included in the price.
  • The robust membrane skin is well ventilated but for warm or very cold weather conditions fan, air con/heating unit scan be fitted. Mosquito screens are strategically fitted to complete the seal.
  • In most states the Cocoon Treehouse is considered a Temporary Structure, thus building permits aren't required. 

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