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NX-270 Four Season Camping Hammock: Clark Hammocks

The patented NX Series has taken its place as the most respected and popular four-season hammocks. The NX-270 combines our largest bed with flexible poles to create a more spacious feeling and an easier set-up than ever before.

Like other North American style hammocks, the NX-270 is built for versatility and is ready for cold weather. The insulating pockets help you avoid bringing a pad or underquilt on warmer camps by allowing your boots and gear to create insulation against the cold. Interior zippers are used to conveniently access these insulating compartments.

Every NX-270 comes with two useful cold-weather features:

  • 1st the breathable WeatherShield zips in to transform the hammock into an enclosed tent, providing warmth, a wind break, or extra protection from rain and snow.
  • 2nd the insulating pocket system keeps you warmer in cold weather, removing the need for insulating pads when camping above 32 degrees F (0 degrees C).

The NX-270's insulating pockets double as storage space for your gear. These six pockets are located underneath the hammock where you may store your boots and other gear during the night. Two more pockets are located inside the hammock, handy for storing anything from a flashlight to a pistol. The ropes are our strongest polypropylene (1710 lb. test).

NX-270 Four Season Camping Hammock Specs:

  • Type: Solo
  • Climate: 4-season
  • Packing Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz / 1.34 kg
  • Packing Size: 16 X 8 X 6 in. / 40 X 20 X 15 cm
  • Safety/Comfort Weight Limit: 300 lbs / 136 kg
  • Maximum Weight Limit: 700 lbs / 318 kg
  • Get interior access to insulating storage pockets
  • Standard WeatherShield for warmth and flexible poles for a roomy interior

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