Chihee XXL Hammock Chair Extra Large Sized Hammock Chair Relax Swing Chair Cotton Weave for Superior Comfort Durability for Indoor Outdoor Bedroom Patio Yard Garden


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  • XXL Hammock Chair.It is also called “chammock”- part chair part hammock, cause it is so large, that it can be almost used like a full hammock. You just simply lay back, which means you won’t have to dangle your legs at all.It is extra large,185cm/73 inches long,150cm/59 inches wide.The spreader bar is100cm/ 40 inches long.It is of XXL size so it can accommodate any person of any size.Moreover, its extra large size allows any person to stretch and relax fully inside of it.
  • Extra Convenient.It comes with a 2 meters long(2 centimeters width) no strentch polyester webbing strap which makes it possible to hang the chair anywhere you want.It is strong enough, wearable. As long as you fix it securely and become a qualified anchor point, your chair can be connected.This sturdy hammock chair works well for outdoor or indoor use. This is a stable fabric hanging chair, so you don’t have netting holes and is great for families with kids and pets.
  • Good for your back:There are health benefits of a hammock chair which is why they are so popular. The therapists say that a hammock chair can reduce the physical stress on the body especially the lower back and neck pain. Besides, such a chair can adjust to the body weight perfectly, and it can also relieve the pressure off your muscle. Your body will be in the best posture with proper blood flow in all parts.
  • Most Relaxing and Comfortable.Hanging chairs are the trend of the moment!If you look around, you’ll see them springing up more and more often.Which makes perfect sense, as a hanging chair allows you to sit like a king and brings you almost immediately into zen mode.The great thing about the hanging chair is that it combines the relaxation of a hammock with the slightly more active posture of sitting in a chair. This makes the hanging chair ideal for sipping a drink or reading a book.
  • After-Sales Service:Each chair is handcrafted,if there are process defects,or the chairs are damaged within one year from the date of purchase, we will definitely provide a new replacement.

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A hammock seat is one thing above all these things: It is the perfect seat for people seeking pure relaxation: Whether with a good book, with a tablet while surfing or watching a good tv show or a glass of good wine – the hammock chair lets you float comfortably above the stress of everyday life and adapts perfectly to the shape of your body.


Children should use this chair under the supervision of an adult.

Do not spin or swing in your hammock chair, as failure and injury may result.

Regularly inspect all points of attachment or suspension, and discontinue use if wear is evident.

【Package Contents】1x Hammock Chair,1 no-strentch strap

【Seat Size】185*150cm (Length*Width)

【Package Size】100*13cm



1.A hanging chair provides wonderful moments of relaxation and creates a cosy, informal atmosphere.

2.45 degree tilt design, enjoy the best posture, avoid back and neck soreness.

3.Only 1 suspension point,easily to find the right place to hang the chair, as long as it is safe enough.

4.Environmentally friendly materials, no odor,recyclable.Due to the soft, skin-friendly surface, the material is so soft that even when thinly clothed the lying in this hammock chair is extremely comfortable.

5.Cleaning method:Remove the spreader bar,clean with water or mild detergent,dry it in time.


It is essential for romantic and relaxing places such as gardens, lawns, courtyards, parks, lakesides and seaside. It is also suitable for all family members, adults, children, pets, etc.

Meditation space

Hanging chairs are the perfect seating to use in creative meeting rooms,because inspiration comes quickly when you enter a circle of hanging chairs.

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