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Bonsai Cacoon Hammock: Grey

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The Cacoon Bonsai is a piece of art ideal for 1 or 2 children to play in.

At 3' 9" the newest addition to the Cacoon family, behold the Bonsai. This is a perfect hammock for your kids. Safer than traditional hammocks the bonsai is ideal for a kids bedroom or playroom.

We have tested the Cacoon in every time of hammock hanging environment both indoors and outdoors.
  • Hang it up in the garden
  • In the kids bedroom
  • Take it with you on a short hike
  • Made it a princess castle
  • In your office
  • Take it on a road trip
  • To the kids park and have a playground adventure
  • On a family vacation

Meticulously crafted by a team of professional sail makers and experts in fabric and textile technology for architectural structures the Cacoon is a hybrid between a hammock and hammock tent.

  • Made of a technical canvas, a blend of cotton and polyester
  • Ring made of anodised aluminum
  • Rope made of nylon
  • Fabric is anti-mold and treated for UV and water resistant. Not weatherproof
  • Hang indoors or outside
  • Fabric is machine washable. Do not tumble dry
  • Warning: Maximum weight load of 440 lbs. / 220 kg

Cacoon Bonsai Hanging Chair Specs:

  • Hanging space required: Ideal: 8.2ft (headroom) / 6.2ft (floorspace) Minimum: 7.4ft (headroom) / 4.3ft (floorspace)
  • fabric: 0.04lbs/m2, 35% cotton 65% Polyester, UV50, water repellent, anti mold and anti bacteria treatment.
  • ring: Anodised aluminium 6030 & 6005
  • rope: Nylon 12 & 8 mm => Resistance 4850 & 3086lbs
  • carabiner: Galvanized iron. Load capacity 1587 lbs

How To Hang Your Cacoon Bonsai Hammock

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