Byer of Maine

Byer of Maine Traveller RainFly/Rain Tarp


Camp in style without you or your gear getting wet in the night with Byer of Maine's Traveller Rain Fly. Designed to fit over any of our camping hammocks, you'll wonder how you lived without it. Hexagonal cat-cut 210T ripstop polyester fabric promises ample coverage while keeping you dry and holding up to heavy-duty wear and tear. With the included cords, adjusters and anchor pins, it's easy enough put up and take down. Best of all, it's lightweight and easy to fold, so you add protection for yourself without increasing your burden.
  • Stay dry and comfortable while you sleep under Byer of Maine's Traveller Rain Fly. At only 22oz, this rain tarp is light enough to take whenever you plan on sleeping under the stars, even if you aren't sure you'll need it.
  • Made with 210T Rip Stop polyester, and precision cut along its edges with secure stitching and reinforced corners, this fly will withstand most weather conditions and keep both you and your gear dry as a bone.
  • The Traveller Rain Fly is hexagonal cat-cut, and designed to provide a taut surface that increases the level of coverage you receive while cutting down on some of the bulk of a traditional rectangular plastic tarp.
  • This tarp is intended to be used as a shelter, and not designed to withstand the general rough handling a traditional rectangular plastic tarp is subjected to.
  • Ample cords and adjusters and aluminum anchor pins are included in the purchase of this tarp.


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