Byer of Maine Hammock Easy Hook

Byer of Maine’s Amazonas Easy Hook lets you suspend your hammock without needing a stand or tree straps. Just a bit of surface prep and the hook screws right in. The snap hook is designed to stay securely closed, and has a twist radius of almost 360 degrees. It is secured to the heavy duty screw hook through a welded eye, with a plastic washer to keep the metal pieces from grinding against one another.The Easy Hook is easy to install. No additional hardware needs to be purchased, but minimal tool use is required. Simply drill a hole in the hanging surface and manually screw in the hook.


  • The Amazonas Easy Hook is designed for providing anchoring on any surface, particularly vertical ones. This hook system comes complete with a 5″ long 7/16″ snap hook, welded to a 5″ base that easily screws into a solid surface with minimal prep.
  • The Easy Hook comes with all hardware necessary for installation, which is easy and intuitive. Minimal tool use is required to prep the surface for screwing in the hook. If you are uncertain, consult a professional for assistance.
  • Designed specifically for the outdoors, the Easy Hook can be used indoors for any recreational hanging furniture, holding up to 400lbs. Hardware dimensions are 10″L X 2.5″W.
  • For other hanging needs, check out Byer of Maine’s Swivel Hook, with and without a small surface adapter!
  • The Amazonas Easy Hook is designed for leisure applications. It is NOT designed for use in therapeutic care or other commercial or institutional environments where they would be subjected continuous movement, rotation, or excessive repeated loading.

Details: Product dimensions are 10″L X 2.5″W, with a total weight of 0.5lbs. The Amazonaz Easy Hook hangs up to 400lbs combined weight.


Color: Silver

Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 4.7 x 1.1 inches

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