Bamboo Hammock Stand with Hammock by Bamboozations


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Brand: Bamboozations

Color: Purple Polyester


  • NATURALLY STRONG & BEAUTIFUL: Each handmade hammock is artfully-crafted from the highest-quality individually-selected Dendrocalamus Strictus bamboo (known as “Iron Bamboo”) — a species sought-after for its beauty and strength in premium home furniture.
  • SUSTAINABLY-GROWN & ECO-FRIENDLY: The bamboo stand is made of renewable raw materials and comes with a soft and breathable tightly-woven recycled-fiber net that hugs you perfectly so you can cozy up with a novel, a furry friend, or a loved one while feeling good about your impact on the planet.
  • BETTER THAN STEEL: A naturally sustainable resource, bamboo is stronger, lighter, and more attractive than steel. And, you won’t deal with any chipped powder or rusty zinc coatings that can make for a metal eye-sore. Relax in your living room, garden, or patio with peace-of-mind in your choice.
  • COMFORTABLE & ELEGANT: This uniquely designed luxury piece of furniture combines contemporary and traditional style to look magnificent in any space. The vibrant color options will allow you to match your living room decor or draw compliments from the neighbors at your next backyard picnic or BBQ.
  • EASY & DURABLE: Built-to-last, this sturdy indoor/outdoor hammock is polished and finished with a factory-tested clear varnish to protect for years from all-season weather and add a gorgeous gloss. Light and easy to move for upkeep — the net is washable and quick-drying while the stand can be hosed down for fast cleaning

Details: Take a deep breath and relax in a naturally beautiful handmade bamboo hammock. This premium indoor/outdoor luxury furniture piece offers the perfect place to unwind, read a few chapters, catch some sun, have a drink, or doze off in peace. Natural bamboo is eco-friendly while being stronger and more durable than steel. It’s true! Bamboo has a higher-tensile strength than steel and comes with the added benefit of being more attractive in your home or garden. Avoid rusting and chipped coatings on metal hammock stands with this sustainable and natural raw material that will look great for years to come. The hammock net is handwoven with comfortable recycled fibers and because of its perfectly designed shape, you’ll stay cozy while the hammock remains more stable and tip-resistant than spreader-bar hammocks. That means you can get in and out with ease while staying relaxed. Because the hammock stand is handmade from raw materials and the net is woven from an assortment of recycled fibers, there will be natural color variations that may differ slightly from the colors pictured. Each product is uniquely made and will have its own character that you will enjoy. Assembly required. Some common household tools required for assembly (not included). Package includes bamboo hammock stand, woven recycled-fiber hammock net, rust-resistant stainless steel hardware, and anti-scratch pads to protect flooring.

EAN: 0630239637519

Package Dimensions: 55.5 x 8.2 x 7.3 inches

Weight 25 kg

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