Adjustable Mini Office Foot Rest Stand Desk Foot Hammock [4 Colors]

Brand: Fuut


  • Unique portable office desk hammock designed specifically for resting your feet,you will fell more comfortably while you work
  • Free to fold and easy to carry, it hooks onto either side of any desk with two metallic clips
  • Adjustable rope length from 200 mm to 450 mm ?so you're free to adjust the height between "work" and "rest" mode
  • Durable foot Stool with Steel hooks have non-slip coating,Do not worry that the hook will slip from the table
  • Alleviate foot fatigue. Suit for any occasion such as home, office,outdoor etc Please note that the thickness of desk section for a ring is only up to 60mm/1.8inch at maximum !

Publisher: Petroom

Details: Specification:

- Material: wood, cotton cloth, steel, polyethlene
- Length of rope: 200mm - 450mm
- Staging Size: 655 mm/ 25.5 inch X 155 mm/ 6.1 inch
- Ring:88mmX68X35
- Cotton rope:1100mm
- Wood stick:20X20X210mm
- Packing size:23.5x9.5x6.5 CM / 9.2x3.7x2.5 inch

Installation and Usage:

Hang both rings on the right and the left of the desk respectively
Adjust the length of cotton rope with a stopper mounted in the rope
Insert the cotton rope to clasping part of ring mounted in the desk
Make comfortable position putting your foot quietly on the foot support after having a seat
If the adjustment of foot position is necessary, pull or push the ring toward your body
If the adjustment of foot height is necessary, control the cotton rope length with a stopper

Precautions for the safety

warning !it may cause serious injury or potential wound.
-Be careful when you put your foot on the support that may lead injury to loosing your balande .
-Keep hot flammable materials such as fire and a stove away!please care against variation or the risk of fire !
-Small accessories are included !be careful for a child they are not swallowed or cause any damage!
-Avoid applying excessive force or do not use any other purpose other than original for foot support!
-Be careful because both ring and wooden parts are hard and sharp!
-Any object has the existence of security risks, safety first!
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