40ft Hammock Tree Straps

Brand: Serac


  • Start hanging in seconds. No knots to learn, the intuitive daisy chain design makes it easy to set up your hammock
  • 100% woven polyester doesn’t stretch or warp. Hang overnight securely and comfortably and never worry about your hammock sagging!
  • Designed for the rugged outdoors. Triple stitched loops and reinforced webbing combine for a strap that can easily hold 500lbs each
  • Hang anywhere. At 15 feet long with 24 anchor points, start hammocking in previously unreachable spots. Where you hammock is limited only by your imagination
  • Protect the trees. We designed our straps to minimize the impact they have on the trees that’ll support you. At 1 inch thick, Serac Tree Huggers follow the guidelines set by Leave No Trace for sustainable hammocking

Details: Leave No Trace
We absolutely had to design a tree friendly solution with our suspension. We
used wide polyester webbing to protect the trees you hang from. If you’re a
nature lover, never use ropes when setting up a hammock. Ropes bite and rip
into tree bark leaving permanent scars and damage. We follow Leave No Trace
and each Serac Tree Hugger strap is designed to be wide enough to protect the
trees we love. Keep our forests strong and healthy for the next generation.

15ft Strap Specs
Dimension: 15ft (long) x 1in (wide)
Design: Daisy chain
Weight: 23oz total
Material: Non stretch polyester
Anchor Points: 35 per strap
Maximum Weight: 500lbs

20ft Strap Specs
Dimension: 20ft (long) x 1in (wide)
Design: Daisy chain
Weight: 28oz total
Material: Non stretch polyester
Anchor Points: 34 strap
Maximum Weight: 500lbs

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